Robert Shelton

Private Access


"Why do I Free the Data? Because my mother died of breast cancer when I was 15; and while there was nothing that I could do about it back then, there is something we can do about it now!


Robert is Chairman and CEO of Private Access, which he founded in 2006 to simultaneously improve patient privacy and provide better access to confidential information. In 2009, Forbes selected Private Access as one of America’s 20 Most Promising Companies; and Healthspottr named Robert as one of the top 100 persons in healthcare. Prior to founding Private Access, Robert served as a Director and, for seven years through 2011, as Chairman of KS&A, a national non-profit group serving several genetics-based conditions. He holds an undergraduate degree in Public and International Affairs from George Washington University, and MBA from The University of Texas at Austin. Robert is married and has two children, ages 8 and 15.