Welcome to the Free the Data Coalition!

Welcome to the Free the Data Coalition!


Dear Friend,


Thank you for joining the movement to Free the Data! With your help we can spread the word: genetic information is more valuable when shared.


Get Involved

  • Genetic mutations and associated health information are important in the search for better health. Do you or someone you know have a mutation to share? Make the decision to Free your Data. Share anonymous genetic variants with ClinVar, the open access database of genetic variant information from the National Institutes of Health, and share additional health information safely and securely with researchers, clinicians and advocacy groups of your choosing. Visit Free-the-Data.org/FreeMyData.
  • The more we share, the more we know. Ask genetic testing labs to support the movement, too. Sign our letter to labs that test for mutations in the BRCA1 and 2 genes, and ask them to share mutation data with the open access database ClinVar. Visit Free-the-Data.org/Sign.
  • Are you a clinician? Our clinicians’ page has information about the clinician arm of Free the Data, the Sharing Clinical Reports Project. Visit Free-the-Data.org/Clinicians to learn more!


Stay in Touch

  • Keep an eye out for email updates on our latest projects, and be sure to connect with us on Facebook (Free the Data), Twitter (@FreeBRCA) and LinkedIn.
  • Share your story and tell others why you Free the Data. Contact us to submit a blog post or video, and we’ll work with you to pass it on.


Once again, thank you for joining the movement. We’re delighted to have you on board!


--The Free the Data Team