Why Free My Data?

You have received a report that says you have a mutation in the BRCA1 or 2 genes. You need to know what it means...

  • Your genetic counselor or other clinician needs a database of all mutations to advance patient care.
  • Researchers need to know which mutations exist, and need access to the health information of the people carrying those mutations.

Free the Data enters mutations into a public database and gathers your health information so that associations between mutations and health outcomes can be discovered, and research can be advanced. Add your health information to Free the Data!


What about protecting my health information?

The privacy system we use, provided by Private Access, is as secure as online banking. You’ll recognize many of the same mechanisms.

It is this simple...

  • You sign up, choosing a password and sitekey.
  • Receive an email authentication.
  • Activate your account by clicking your link.
  • Select your sharing preferences.
  • Share your BRCA1/2 report.
  • Answer important health questions.
  • Receive immediate 'compare and contrast' feedback.

How does it work?

A quick cartoon that describes how this privacy system works to make sharing your data easy and safe.









Looking for additional information on how to share your variant through Free the Data?
Be sure to visit our FAQ page for sharing genetic testing reports!